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Put your passion to work.

Have a new idea in mechanics or electronics that can be useful to others? Are you developing a product with these features? Do you need to work with a powerful team to develop your idea or product? We are ready to provide you the following services:
Patents, design completion, prototype manufacturing, patent marketing and sales, participation in the production and sale of mass production products.

How is my idea of ​​security secured?
By signing the contract , before any review detail by us, the right to exploit, patent, and any other action will be done with your consent. You can determine the percentage of your contribution in this partnership.

Now complete this form to let us now what is your general concept and idea.We will contact to you as soon as possible.

Are you interested in investing in electronic or mechanical projects?We are ready to sign a partnership agreement with you. Choose the project, determine the percentage of participation, and the terms of payment and repayment, our lawyer will draft a win-win contract.

These are methods that you can contact with us?

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Ostwall 25, 47798, Krefeld ,Germany