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Your Creativity


Your Wealth

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The people behind Idea Incubator:

Reza Salim

General Manager

Hadi Shahamat

Senior Electronic Engineer

We are in the business of Creating wealth with Training Mechatronics Ideas. We want to live in the world which No one has any mechatronic idea in mind archive and No valuable mechatronic product  left without the market; We want to be a credible reference point for investing in mechatronic inventions, so that investors can safely invest in it. Part of the financial benefits of this firm is to help invest in people and ideas that do not have enough financial means. We will also help develop the mental abilities of human beings so that more people can be creative.


And in order to achieve the above goals, we always consider the following values based on the following priorities:

  1. Humanity: honesty, conscience, secrecy, trust, ethics

  2. Security: maintaining organization security, customers, human resources and business partners

  3. Function: Providing services beyond stakeholder expectations

  4. Order: Individual clothing and work environment, Arrangements for doing things, Timeliness

  5. Teamwork: Share information, all for team-team for goal, compliance and alignment with leader boards

  6. Efficiency: Performing correctly from the correct operation, in the least amount of time

  7. Training: Continuing knowledge and technology development

  8. Creativity: All Time and Everywhere

  •  In the first year (2017), we will endeavor to achieve this goal: " An initial organizational structure has been created, and at least two ideas have started to Marketing."

  • In the second year (2018), we will seek to develop a few ideas, and we will try to get at least 10 other ideas into our process. We will try to use ideas with a low investment volume, and the annual financial transaction volume is similar to the year Keep in mind.

  • In the third year (2019), we will expand the number of ideas, with at least 100 ideas per month reviewed and conversion efficiency of 0.5% to the product.

  • In the fourth year (2020), we should have 100 study ideas per day and 0.7% conversion efficiency per product.


Over the phone or online

If you want to invest on any projects or have a good idea in Mechanic or Electronic fields and looking for a someone to develop it , contact us here:




Ostwall 25, 47798, Krefeld ,Germany