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What is the BAT?

The use of bicycles alone has always been a lot of problem for the users. In countries where specific bicycle paths are not included in the streets, cyclists have insufficient safety against accidents with other vehicles. Also, in extreme weather conditions, such as wind, rain, snow or sunshine, the bike is annoyed. The slope of roads and long distances are another bicycle problems that causes bike fatigue to carry heavy loads (such as weekly purchases or bulky goods) using hard bikes and in some cases incongruous. Other passenger, like a child or dog and etc., needs extra equipment, which makes the bike move faster and slows down the rider, while the average speed of the bike is low and for use in modern cities and long distances, it has a long stroke and is the least speedy than other personal vehicles.

Although by inventing and manufacturing electric-powered bikes, there has been no solution to the problem of motor power and the creation of a greater range of bikes, but so far there has not been a vehicle that can withstand all the disadvantages of using the bike. On the other hand, alternative personal vehicles, such as motorcycles or cars, in addition to pollution, while imposing maintenance and fuel costs, prevent daily mobility of the individual. Therefore, if the use of motor vehicles is used, additional hours should be added. Spend on a daily activity such as walking, jogging, and exercising to be able to keep fit and well his maintain.

Another common problem in public transportation is the lack of privacy-related vehicles, which can also benefit from the welfare of the automotive industry, causing the body to slip away (resulting in serious problems with the body and soul) People will not be.

When the person needs the BAT, by calling through the mobile app, the device goes autonomous from its station to the customer's address. It can be driven without a driver and based on its own motion. It can also be by the user It is taken from the station and does not move in the form of self-driving. The user rides his bike on this car and travels to his intended destination. The speed of the car is proportional to the speed of pedaling on the bike, and this ratio The proportions are adjustable through the mobile app. The vehicle will also be braked appropriately with the braking of the rear wheel. The bicycle with the front wheel of the bicycle is linked to the bicycle front wheel holder and rotates with the bicycle command. Also, an independent handbrake for an emergency situations.



• Reduced urban traffic

• Increased cycling safety
• Increased community health
• The vehicle at a reasonable price
• Suitable for all community members
• Significant reduction in air pollution
• Reduce the time of city trips


This invention won the Gold Award the 2018 Nuremberg Initiative and Inventions Fair (iENA2018)