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2-Stage Truck Loading Compartment (2STLC)

• It happens often that the Truck loading space of the trucks during the movement moves upward inadvertently and makes a lot of dangers.

• On sloping surfaces, the truck's balance may collapse and the truck may overturn when unloading.

• It is not possible or difficult to dispose of truck loads in places where the height of the roof is low, such as bridges or tunnels.


With a new Truck Loading Compartment designed by IN-IN Company,

• It is possible to unload the load in low-lying locations because the Truck loading space is half that normal.

•  In the second stage of discharging, the floor of the loading chamber moves upward into the loading chamber. For this reason, it is also possible to discharge the load for each Dump Truck with any length at sloping surfaces without overturning the truck.